Liquid Church

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Liquid Church
213 Center Street 

Liquid Church was first established as St. Paul's Church in 1907 as the German Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul’s Church of Garwood. The church was organized through the efforts of the German speaking citizens, had services conducted entirely in German and initially met at the home of its members. Services moved to Britz Hall and then to the old Garwood Schoolhouse, located at St. Paul’s (Liquid Church) present site. In 1953 due to the merger of the Evangelical and Reformed Churches the church was renamed St. Paul’s Evangelical and Reformed Church. The final name change came in 1963 due to the merger of the Evangelical Reformed and Congregational Churches, when the house of worship became St. Paul’s United Church of Christ. A new sanctuary was built in 1964 and the school meeting hall was built in 1982.

In 2016 the church was purchased and is now established as Liquid Church of Garwood.  To find out more about Liquid Church, click here.

Church of St. Anne
325 Second Avenue

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St. Anne's Church was built in 1926. St. Anne's parish grew out of the Catholic Club of Garwood and was originally part of St. Michael's Parish in Cranford. The school was erected in 1951, followed by the combination rectory/administration building in 1970.  The school and rectory were demolished in 2014 and the property was sold and developed into low income Senior Housing also known as The Village at Garwood.

Garwood Presbyterian Church
341 Spruce Avenue
Church: 908-789-0360 

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A little fun history on Garwood Presbyterian Church... The Church started as a Children's Ministry Sunday School that met under a big tree in Garwood in the 1800's. The Church has a long history of excellent children's ministry that includes our annual Vacation Bible School, a free weeklong summercamp every summer for over 50 years. The Church has a children's ministry with Kids Camp every Sunday morning. Garwood Church celebrates vintage Christianity as an Authentic Community of Bible believing locals.  The First Presbyterian Church began meeting in a house that once stood where the old borough hall was on the corner of South Avenue and Center Street. In 1898, they moved across the street and then to the first schoolhouse, which is formally St. Paul’s Church, now known as Liquid Church. In 1905 the construction began for the Garwood Presbyterian Church on Spruce Avenue.

The Church changed denominations in 2016 to ECO. Evangelical Order of Presbyterians which is the youngest and most lively exciting wings of the Presbyterian denomination. Even though we are historically Presbyterian, our people are from all different religious upbringings so we are extremely multi- denominational, multi- generational & are holistically biblical - we teach the whole bible to apply to our whole lives.