Historical Committee


  • Jennie Brown
  • Pat DiFabio
  • Kim Ficarra
  • Helen Laucius
  • Adele Lewis
  • Carol Lombardo
  • Bruce Paterson
  • Jeff Van Natta
  • Council Liaison: Councilwoman Clarissa Nolde

 Garwood Historical Committee

In 2018, the Garwood Historical Committee was a newly appointed and re-invigorated group of Garwood residents determined to preserve Garwood's short but rich history. The initial members in 2018 were Pat DiFabio, Chelsea Brandt, Bruce Paterson, Adele Lewis, Helen Laucius, Jennie Browne, and Carol Lombardo.

The group is always looking for interested Garwood residents to participate in their attempts to save Garwood's history from the dumpster.

The group is scheduled to meet on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. The main goal of the Committee is to preserve any old photographs, memorabilia from town events, church events, school events (public and private) - basically anything that has to do with Garwood's past, recent or long-past. The Committee has the ability to scan these items and return the originals to the owners, or to keep them in the archives for safe keeping, whichever the owner prefers.

The Historical Committee can be reached at garwoodhistory@garwood.org. Or by mail at:

Garwood Historical Committee
Mrs. Carol Lombardo, Chair
Borough of Garwood
403 South Avenue, Garwood, NJ 07027


Last updated 1/8/2024